22 ATV Trails Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Are you traveling to Bryce Canyon National Park and want to do something a little more adventurous than a hike? Are you hoping to avoid some of the crowds resulting from over two million annual visitors? Do you want to explore unique areas other travelers don’t get a chance to see?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Embarking on an ATV adventure near Bryce Canyon National Park gives you the ability to explore the area in an unconventional way. To determine which route is right for you, take a look at the quick descriptions we’ve put together for 22 ATV trails near the park. Before taking off on any of these adventures, reach out to the local authorities to check for any restrictions or requirements. 

ATV In Mud

1. Dave’s Hollow Loop

Length: 8 miles

Description: Located just outside the park, Dave’s Hollow Loop is the perfect trail to hit during a visit to Bryce Canyon. Clocking in at less than 10 miles, it’s the ideal route for those with limited time. This loop also connects with the East Fork Road, giving you the option to explore further if you have the drive to do so.

2. Straight Canyon to Crawford Canyon

Length: 15.5 miles

Description: For an ATV-exclusive ride, consider the route from Straight Canyon to Crawford Canyon. Here in the nearby Dixie Forest, you’ll find a path too narrow for UTVs. 

3. Clay Creek to Straight Canyon

Length: 19.5 miles

Description: On the other side of the East Fork Road, you’ll find the Clay Creek to Straight Canyon Trail. Only venture to this part of the plateau, however, if you’re up for a bumpy ride! This is one of the roughest roads in the area.

4. Powell Point

Length: 20 miles

Description: For a combination hike and ATV ride, explore the Powell Point Trail. At the top of this route, riders should get off their vehicles to hike the 0.75 miles required to reach the point’s phenomenal overlook.

5. King Creek Loop

Length: 20 miles

Description: Obtain water views by exploring this trail. It begins at the Tropic Reservoir, and you’ll catch glimpses of the Sevier River along the way.

6. Coyote Hollow Loop

Length: 20 miles

Description: If you’re looking for a route to take you through scenic wildlife areas, give Coyote Hollow Loop a shot. Large animals like deer and pronghorn are often spotted. 

7. Yankee Meadows Ride

Length: 25 miles 

Description: For an extensive excursion, take a look at Yankee Meadows Ride. This rocky and sometimes steep trail begins at Panguitch Lake, about an hour’s drive from Bryce Canyon. It’s worth it though, as you’ll gain access to the Yankee Reservoir Overlook.

Balanced Rocks By ATV Trail

8. Badger Creek Loop

Length: 25 miles

Description: This trail is perfect for those who want to observe hoodoos without fighting the crowds found inside the park. Part of the route follows a high ridge from which short hikes will grant you access to scenic vistas.

9. Horse Valley Ride

Length: 26 miles

Description: For an easier ATV trail that will still score you views of Panguitch Lake, try Horse Valley Ride. Starting in the same area as Yankee Meadows Ride, you’ll find forests of quaking aspen along this path.

10. Pole Hollow Loop

Length: 26 miles

Description: Beginning in downtown Panguitch, this trail delivers stunning mountain vistas. Traverse the rocky route to a ridge and, eventually, a summit before looping back to town.

11. Pass Creek Loop

Length: 27 miles

Description: If you’re ready to eat some dirt, take a ride on Pass Creek Loop. This beginners-level trail won’t rough you up too badly as long as you come prepared with dust protection such as goggles and a bandana.

ATV on a Trail

12. Sandy Peak Loop 

Length: 30 miles

Description: This ATV route will take you through a variety of landscapes. Experience everything from shallow water crossings to high mountain meadows on this intermediate-level trail.

13. Blubber Creek to Clay Creek

Length: 30.5 miles

Description: Although it begins at the same place as Badger Creek Loop, this route is a bit more difficult. Not only do you experience higher elevation, but you can also encounter deep holes on the trail that may be filled with mud, depending on the season.

14. Bull Rush Loop

Length: 36 miles

Description: If you’re prepared to take on a more advanced route, take a look at Bull Rush Loop. Starting in downtown Panguitch. It takes you through dry washes via narrow passageways and rocky paths.

15. Casto Canyon Ride

Length: 36 miles

Description: For experiencing the otherworldly landscape you came to witness, Casto Canyon is going to be one of the best ATV trails. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need as you’ll likely end up stopping frequently for pictures!

16. Sanford Loop

Length: 39 miles

Description: To see red rock cliffs rather than hoodoos, consider the Sanford Loop.

Red Cliffs on ATV Trail

17. Straight Canyon Loop

Length: 41 miles

Description: This route begins at the Tropic Reservoir and takes you to many scenic viewpoints. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with the experience of seeing the Pink Cliffs. 

18. Fremont ATV Trail

Length: 68 miles (one way)

Description: If you have the ability to do a one-way route, take on this all-day adventure. Connecting Circleville and the area just outside Bryce Canyon National Park, the Fremont ATV Trail takes you through various landscapes. This includes thick forest, stunning red rock, and high elevation vistas. 

19. Paunsaugunt Rim Pines Loop

Length: 75 miles

Description: Starting in Hatch, this long trail is rated as easy. While you’ll have the opportunity to stop at several viewpoints overlooking hoodoos, the Wilson Peak Overlook is the main gem along this route.

20. King Creek/Dave’s Hollow Loop

Length: 75 miles

Description: For an alternative path that still allows access to the Wilson Peak Overlook, take the King Creek & Dave’s Hollow Loop. It also begins in Hatch.

21. Casto Canyon/Limekiln Loop

Length: 90 miles

Description: Combine the Limekiln Loop with Casto Canyon for an extensive but incredibly scenic ride.

22. Panguitch/Tropic Reservoir

Length: 100 miles

Description: Experience a long ATV trail excursion taking you from Panguitch to the Tropic Reservoir and back. Along the way, you’ll travel through stunning landscapes such as Proctor Canyon.

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