Bryce Canyon Snow Adventures

Bryce Canyon is a completely different world to begin with but when you add a little snow, it becomes one of the most alien and beautiful winter wonderlands around. If you’re looking to get a memorable experience without the crowds, take a trip to Bryce Canyon national park during the colder months. With great deals on hotel accommodations and hassle free parking, it will be worth the cold temperatures. Aside from sipping from a cup of hot chocolate in front of a cozy fire, here are a few ideas to have some outdoor fun on your winter adventure.

Even when there is snow on the ground, you can still traverse some of the well known trails throughout the park. You can hike to the Mossy Cave to see the hanging icicles. Just be sure to pack waterproof boots that have traction aids attached. Tennis shoes or dress shoes will not be allowed on the trails, for the hikers’ safety. Proper gear can be rented at the park for a low price of around $25.

Visitors can snowshoe throughout the entire park, aside from a few trails that are shut down during winter time. When normal hiking shoes fail, snowshoes can get you over deep powdery snow. If you don’t have your own pair, they can be rented from the visitor center.

Plan an unforgettable experience of skiing in the desert. There are several trails that are prime for cross country skiing. The park purposefully leaves a few roads unplowed to provide a great trail for skiers to make it to the lookout points. Set out early to catch a beautiful view of the canyon.

Stargazing is a popular activity at the park and the distance from most light pollution makes the stars even brighter. Ranger led snow hikes take you to optimal viewing spots. Guests have access to high powered telescopes to increase their view of the skys.

There are a lot of other activities available at the park as well, such as taking a sleigh ride to the rim, sledding, and a winter festival put on by the famous Ruby Inn. Be sure to ask your hotel management what’s going on in the park and around town to get more information on things to do during your stay.

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